About Perth Urbanist

Perth Urbanist is an independent organisation created by young professionals with an aim to promote better planning in our cities.

We are dedicated to sharing and promoting an appreciation of Planning, Architecture, Culture and the Environment through informed analysis, visual storytelling, and fresh approaches to urban policy. Our goal is to share ideas and projects which will ultimately have a positive effect on the urban landscape and culture of our cities.

We allow anyone with a passion for cities and the built form to contribute to this website; a space to showcase a collection of articles, photos, videos, and podcasts.

Our Objectives


Influence best practice urban outcomes through awareness, informed opinion and public campaigns.

Mindset Changing

Challenge inherited wisdom and common misconceptions in the way we think about the built environment.

Disruptive Innovation

Promote innovative approaches in ways we design, plan and run our cities.

What We Stand For

  • Reduced urban sprawl - through the strategic and sympathetic densification and infill of our inner city areas, activity centres and transit corridors.
  • Supporting progressive evidence-based policy and decision-making to encourage investment, culture and activity in our cities.
  • Involvement of federal and state government investment in projects and programs which promote best practice planning and innovation within city-making professions.
  • Retention of our natural environment and built heritage to promote urban renewal, Western Australian identity, bio-diversity and sense of place.
  • Increased investment in public transport and alternative transport options.
  • Developing Perth into a 21st Century smart city which encourages innovation and embraces new technologies, particularly in relation to the use of big data and preparing for the cyber-physical revolution.
  • Indigenous reconciliation, and recognition within our community, built form and place names.
  • Increased development of housing diversity, affordability and innovative building techniques.
  • Ensuring evidence-based policy and community concerns and sentiment are aligned, through ‘bottom-up’ planning approaches that encompass public engagement.