Following the success of last year’s event, Open House Perth is back for 2013 with a two day event opening key locations around the city to the general public. It is a chance to celebrate and connect with some of the iconic buildings and destinations that give our city its unique character and cultural awareness.

The Perth Urbanist team hit the streets and delved into some of the 64 destinations on offer. Among these included: BHP Billiton, HASSELL, the Old Treasury Building, Gotham Studios, Foundation Housing, Northbridge Development, Sharni Howe’s Studio, and the Perth City Link.

A mixture of heritage buildings, new developments and humble abodes Open House Perth allowed us to conceive an insight into some of the more hidden developments that make up the urban fabric of our city. From ascending to the 45th floor of the BHP Billiton building with breathtaking views to intimately discussing the historical context of Sharni Howe’s personal home and studio, there is a great level of balance between the experiences partaken in as you forge your own journey.

The ideas behind Open House Perth extend to more than just showcasing Perth’s unique architectural designs, built environment spaces and interior marvels. They represent a social ownership and are indicative of building a relationship between the public and these destinations that are not always accessible. It allows for a sense of ownership among the public, the notion that the city is for everyone and Perth is your city.

This integration with the community is opportunistic not only for the people visiting these iconic destinations but for curators, developers, and key stakeholders to understand more of the ongoing public opinion. As we look towards another success for Open House Perth, it is easy to see the draw of an event of this magnitude. We are often too busy to take the time to simply enjoy and appreciate our city so if you have Sunday the 3rd of November free why not stop and smell the flowers at Open House Perth.